Not that long ago, two guys realized something. Many small businesses had found themselves so focused on being great in their day-to-day operations that they were unable to focus on finding a strong presence online.

With a passion for the web and a love of fostering the growth of these small operations, Advancify was forged with a focus on providing innovation to these small businesses.

How we can help

Advancify is a Technology Services Agency specializing in communication systems, marketing, web development, and support.

We have helped local businesses and organizations get their message online and assist with reaching out to customers with the help of social media and a strong web presence.

From Mobile to Desktop we’ve got you covered. Our AdvanciCare program is tailored to fit your needs when you are in the office or wherever your business might take you.

Learn more about how we do things differently by taking a look at our workflow.

Bellingham, WA

We are proudly located in the Ohio Street Workstudios building with a host of other great small businesses. Our team has over a decade of experience in the field of web development and technical support.