Send your wishlist to Santa using Typeform.

Have you sent Santa your wish list yet? He is now using Typeform this year to streamline his workflow. Typeform is a form app that let’s you do some out of the box things with standard ol’ forms. We are using it on our contact page if you’d like to see it in action. If you want to learn more about how he uses typeform visit this page.




Get Inbox by Gmail right now.

We are a big fan of zeroing out our inboxes here at Advancify. (Here is a little bit of backstory on zeroing your inbox). What is it you ask? Well, gmail has been around since April 1, 2004. We are big supporters of Google Apps for Work for small business and they just recently had a “Happy Hour” to invite people to try the new service. Advancify jumped all over the chance to try this new app out and promptly got a chance to belly up to the bar.

Excellent, personalized service. Outstanding final product!

-Coach Linda Gudmunson

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